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LEAN INTO SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS to Find the Motivation to Make Things Done w/ Jon Brosio

December 07, 2021 Amardeep Parmar Episode 25
Mindful & Driven
LEAN INTO SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS to Find the Motivation to Make Things Done w/ Jon Brosio
Show Notes

Welcome to episode 25 of the Mindful & Driven podcast! It's all about how to not lose sight of what really matters whilst chasing your dreams.

Episode 25’s guest is Jon Brosio. He is the founder of tribeloyal. Jon originally was a server at high-end restaurants where he serves celebrities in Los Angeles before deciding that he wants to become his own boss for his online business world. He has achieved this and much more. Jon is now an established online writer with millions of views and thousands of followers.

His mission is to help other people achieve the same transformation that he achieved himself going from a job that really didn’t make him happy to something that he loves and has full control over. 

Topics discussed in this episode:
How to use your inner negative voice to find motivation. How to lean into your self-consciousness and use it to improve your work and life. Why it's important to embrace your self-consciousness. How to embrace self-consciousness as a creative. Why it's important to keep pushing as a creative. How to find balance in your life as a creative. Self-consciousness and productivity. How to monetize your work as a creative.

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Working for yourself (1:12)

Struggling with balance and making a difference through writing (5:13) 

Not looking back and creating your own path  (10:54) 

The importance of outside perspective (13:08) 

Work-life balance (21:20)

Putting in the work afterward (28:12)



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