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CALCULATE YOUR RISKS to Minimize Failure and Increase Your Chances of Success w/ Imran Dean

November 09, 2021 Amardeep Parmar/Imran Dean Episode 19
Mindful & Driven
CALCULATE YOUR RISKS to Minimize Failure and Increase Your Chances of Success w/ Imran Dean
Show Notes

Welcome to episode 19 of the Mindful & Driven podcast! It's all about how to not lose sight of what really matters whilst chasing your dreams.
Episode 19's guest is Imran Dean. He is the founder of The Money Cog. It’s a website that aims to break down complex financial information into easy-to-digest data. The aim is to make it easy for anybody to start investing without a huge amount of prior experience. The Money Cog aims to make everybody take on a long-term, sustainable mindset.
In his day job, Imran helps manage an investment management company with clients who have over 100 million in assets across the different portfolios.
This was an in-person interview and Imran had an interesting story about his journey the day before.

Topics discussed in this episode:
How to take calculated risks. Why it's important to take calculated risks in business. How to approach risks. Why risk-taking doesn't have to be dangerous. Money grows on trees, but you need to plant and water those trees. How to minimize failure in your side hustle and business. How to increase your chances of success in business. What to do to minimize your risks. How to measure your business risks.
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Money grows on trees (1:46)

New opportunities and ‘failures’ (4:36)

Structured goals, enjoyment, and balance (7:15 )

All about focus (9:58)

Pain + Reflection = Progress - Ray Dalio (12:43)

The importance of spontaneity (15:59)

Recreating routine and re-balancing (18:24)

Designing your life (22:46)

Being human first  (24:40)

Making sacrifices, achieving more, and being grateful (31:09)


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