Mindful & Driven

Be MORE MINDFUL Every Day by Listening to Your Senses w/ Rachael Kable

August 17, 2021 Amardeep Parmar Episode 7
Mindful & Driven
Be MORE MINDFUL Every Day by Listening to Your Senses w/ Rachael Kable
Show Notes

Welcome to episode 7 of the Mindful & Driven podcast! It's all about how to not lose sight of what really matters whilst chasing your dreams.

Episode 7’s guest is one of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to​ - Rachael Kable.  She’s a mindfulness coach, the author of The Mindful Kind book, the host of the Mindful Kind Podcast, and an award-winning blogger. Her podcast attracts tens and thousands of people each week. She delivers solo episodes where she walks people through different mindfulness exercises that she believes would help them tackle everyday struggles. 

It’s quite rare that she jumps in an interview so I’m really proud to bring her on to the podcast today and to share her insights with you.  

Topics discussed in this episode:
How to be more mindful. Why it's important to absorb as much knowledge as you can. What are the easy and effective mindfulness exercises you can do every day. How to be more mindful in the age of constant distraction.  Why it's important to pay attention to your sense. How to find balance between life and business. Breathing exercises that help you relax and live in the present moment. 

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Colour outside the lines (1:19)

Realigning and figuring things out (5:10)

The paradox (7:49)

Practicing meaningful mindfulness (9:49)

Working with balance (15:18) 

Talking about structure (18:06)

Prioritising relationships (21:34)

What brings me joy in my life? (25:28)




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