Mindful & Driven

How moving to a 4 day working week improves your focus w/ Karaminder Ghuman

June 28, 2022 Amardeep Parmar/Karaminder Ghuman Episode 54
Mindful & Driven
How moving to a 4 day working week improves your focus w/ Karaminder Ghuman
Show Notes

Welcome to episode 54 of the Mindful & Driven podcast! It's all about how to not lose sight of what really matters whilst chasing your dreams.

Episode 54’s guest is Karaminder Ghuman. He is a polymath by trade. He’s a headshot photographer, a course builder, a community leader, a writer, a storyteller, and a filmmaker amongst many other things. 

I know Karaminder through the course side and I’ve seen much he’s obsessed with making sure the community is as good as possible and how important that human connection is wherever you go. 

This is a really interesting discussion and it goes to lots of different directions. 

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Introduction (0:00)
The truth inside the story and conformation bias (1:26)

Treasure relationships (5:51)

Mistakes and failures (8:13)

Setting a target for yourself (16:17) 

Being present (18:47)

Taking care of your mental health  (21:55)

Setting up a system (23:30)

The ideal work week (25:39) 

You have to live life (30:15)

Hug your mum (31:26)



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