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You DON’T HAVE to Be Successful at 30 - Follow Your Own Timeline w/ Emma Wilson

February 15, 2022 Amardeep Parmar/Emma Wilson Episode 35
Mindful & Driven
You DON’T HAVE to Be Successful at 30 - Follow Your Own Timeline w/ Emma Wilson
Show Notes

Welcome to episode 35 of the Mindful & Driven podcast! It's all about how to not lose sight of what really matters whilst chasing your dreams.

Episode 35’s guest is Emma Wilson. She’s known as the turning 30 coach. After suffering a little existential crisis when she was turning 30 herself, what she realized is that there is so much pressure when you come to this age and she wants to help other people who are stuck to live happy lives and being secure in themselves and happy of what they have achieved and who they are. 

Now, as this episode comes out, I’ve just turned 30 myself so I can completely relate to what she’s talking about. I think you’ll find a lot of value in this episode, especially in the notion of "Shoulds" versus "Wants."

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Ideas discussed in the episode:
How to define success on your own terms. You don't have to be successful by 30. How to distinguish between the "Shoulds" and "Wants." How to define healthy goals that work for you. Why it's important to seek success inside not outside. How to balance your career and life in your 30s. How to decide what's important in your life when you're 30.

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Ticking boxes and different paces (1:42)

Struggling herself at 30 (6:59)

It’s OK to want more and realising what’s important to you (10:38)

We’re not all robots (16:13 )

Being authentic (22:09)

Talking about balance and accountability (25:18)

Delegation (28:09)

Giving yourself flexibility and changing your mindset (31:54)



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